My Talk on Digital Activism and Anti-Corruption Movement, Indus Business Academy

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I was invited to give a talk on Digital Activism and India’s Anti-corruption Movement at Indus Business Academy’s Sixth International Conference on Situating New Management Philosophy: Nature- Mind-Technology on February 21, 2013. As part of my talk I also presented a pdf presentation on Digital activism and tactics used by the Anna Hazare led anti-corruption movement.

Participating organizations include leading technology firms, manufacturing firms, environmental organizations and movements, digital activists, academicians, students, researchers from leading organizations across India. The conference is also being addressed by leading personalities including Dr. Vikas Amte (noted social worker), Dr. A. Ravindra (Adviser to CM on Urban Affairs), Dr. Swati Ramanathan (Janagraaha), Dr. Venkatesh Hariharan (Red Hat and Google),  Dr. Shazaad Shams (ICT4D, London), Dr. Aravind Chinchure (Reliance Innovation Council), Prof. K.B.Akhilesh (IISc), Mr. Vikas Malpani (Common Floor),  and Dr. Yellappa Reddy (noted environmentalist) among others.



Digital Activism and Online Advocacy: Experiences from the Tibetan Freedom Movement – A Talk by Shibayan Raha

I spoke on the role of digital activism, online advocacy and use of social media in the Tibetan freedom struggle at the Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore on 9 August, 2010.


The Tibetan freedom movement began in the 1950’s when it started its campaign to highlight the sufferings of the Tibetan community under the Chinese regime through conventional means. Today the movement has come a long way in that it engages the Chinese Government on every possible world stage including the online world. Online advocacy and digital activism forms an integral part of this movement as is reflected from the use of advanced e-mailing servers and social media as an activism tool to mobilise people online and press international bodies to extend support for the movement.

Shibayan Raha, a young activist, will talk on the role of digital activism, online advocacy and the use of social media to further the cause of the Tibetan freedom movement.

About Shibayan Raha

Shibayan Raha is the grassroots co-coordinator for ‘Students for a Free Tibet, India’.  A native of Kolkata, he did various odd jobs in his hometown before devoting himself to social work, particularly the Tibetan freedom struggle, five years ago. As a grassroots co-coordinator, he takes the Tibetan issue to the youngsters and gathers more people to join the movement. He has been imprisoned thrice, twice in Tihar jail and once in the Colaba police station. Further, he has also been involved in other areas like the Bhopal gas leak tragedy, the Burmese issue and AFSPA.