The Pune Blasts that broke my Heart Again !!

Just as all us who work closely with the Tibetan Movement was gearing up for Losar the next day, a blast ripped off the popular German Bakery in Pune on Saturday evening killing eight people instantly and injuring many others including many foreigners. Among the victims were three youngster’s from Kolkata. The news ripped my heart again as does any other cases of violence. I remembered my visit to Pune in August 2009, when I had gone to visit the new formed SFT Pune chapter. It was the height of swine flu pandemic in Pune and everyone around was wearing mask on their face. Instantly I liked the place, small and pleasant it was, people were friendly as were the autowallahs. My hosts, the students studying in different colleges in Pune told me that the city was the hub of international students as students from France, Ghana, Senegal and even China come there to study. After our meetings got over they also took me to the German Bakery where the blasts happened. It was a quiet, lightly dimmed place with the smell of freshly baked cakes, coffee’s which made me fall in love with that  place. I  don’t remember what I took but we sat in the corner and as Tselha and Pelzom was talking I just looked around seeing every corner of the place, the décor, the glasses,the walls, people sitting and reading books, talking or couples talking to each other. At the bus stop I told Tselha that I will come again if not anything but to see the city and visit the Bakery again.

I skipped the next days newspapers as I do after any blasts that happen. I don’t have a specific reason for this but maybe I don’t like how the media rakes up people’s emotions, bringing stories how the victim’s families have cried or a near one collapsed.

But my eyes caught  the picture of the youngster’s from the city who died. Youngsters who had a long life before them, a life they wanted to live, do what they want, become something or someone and looking at their pictures made me even more sad. After all why ?? Why some people needs to bomb innocents caught so harm ?? As usual the extreme right are calling for war with Pakistan or a stop to recently accounced talks.

Fundamentalists, who did this blast and the ones before call this “Jihad” or Holy war against infidels. If I ever meet these guys I will surely ask them what do they mean by Jihad?? I am not a religious one and neither I am muslim, neither I have any particular religion. For me any worship place of any religion is a place for me too. My knowledge tells me this-

Jihad is the fight against your inner self, the negative energy that’s inside you

Jihad is to bring the purest form in you.

No religion has ever said to kill people from other religion. For God we are all his/her child. We are all the same. Its us who have started this and its us who have to stop this.

Let us not talk of violence when something violent like this happens. Let us not talk about vengeance or retribution. Let us all come together and pray for the departed souls and for those who have some been swayed into these heinous acts, for them to realize their true being and realize their mistake.


In Memory of the blast victims in Pune. My dear brothers and sisters you will always be remembered in our hearts and prayers.


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